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Portek Terror Kite ,Hawk Kite Bird Scarer Kit.Bird Scarer

Tethered hawk kite scares pest birds off crops

Full kit including kite, telescopic pole and line

Highly effective

Low maintenance

Protects approximately 20 acres of land


The kite is reinforced and stitched at all the wear points making it extraordinarily tough. Using carbon fibre struts - it is extremely strong, light and flexible, flying in the lightest breeze.

The full kit consists of:

Hawk kite

Telescopic pole with rubber caps at each end

Synthetic heavy duty ground post

2-part 8-plaite 2mm Braided Cord with swivel

Securing line for anchoring during heavy winds

Ground disk to prevent pole from burying itself into soft ground

Comprehensive instructions


The hawk kite can be used to protect many problem areas including:


Cover crops

Grass seeds


Fish lakesv


VD351 Hawk Kite Bird Scarer Kit

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